1-0 was the last score after two rounds. Thusly, the two groups attracted 0-0 the amusement, Celta’s Balaidos.

The saint gave finalists Alaves Antonio Mendez. At 82 minutes, ie only three minutes in the wake of going ahead as a substitute, the player to hit the net scored Celta bring choice.


In the last, will meet with the group holding Alaves Cup is Barca. Prior, Atletico, Barca won 4-3 last scores in the other semi-last two.

Alaves (blue and white striped shirt) can play an extremely irritating and compelling. Photograph: Reuters

Alaves won’t pieces “prey” for Barca. In the match in La Liga this season, Catalonia goliaths ever endured 1-2 vanquish at home to Alaves at the Nou Camp.

The King’s Cup finalists is a demonstration of the quality of the Basque side. In the semi-last two turns, Celta – Real Madrid group the past sort, does not compose well-taken objectives against Alaves one.